Community Harvest of Central Vermont

Help everyone eat local...glean!

CHCV is a 2018 "We Care 2" Finalist!

It's time to support gleaning by voting for CHCV!

All Vermont State Employees Credit Union (VSECU) account holders can vote to decide how much money VSECU will give to CHCV!

CHCV was chosen this year as one of the five finalists for VSECU's "We Care 2" program, which will give away $23,000 at their annual meeting in March. 

Starting February 1 through March 21st members decide how much of the $23,000 goes to each of the five organizations by casting their vote for one of them.

CHCV's goal is to get over 1000 votes, which would likely mean that we would get close to $5,000. That would make a huge difference in how much we can glean to feed the community in 2018.

Please show your support for CHCV!

Who can VOTE   

Only VSECU members can vote. Each VSECU member (16 year & older) gets a vote.  Business members can also vote, see info below.

How to VOTE   

  • Paper Ballot - All members will receive a paper ballot in the mail. Return it to VSECU by March 21. If you are a business member see below.
  • Online Voting - Follow the link in the personalized email VSECU sent you Or follow any of the voting links in VSECU emails or on their web site and use the special PIN (used only for this year's Annual Meeting vote). Find your PIN on the personalized email from VSECU or on your paper ballot.  Vote Here   

  • Business Member Voting - business need to call to request a ballot.  If you are a business member, contact Ann Hodgdon at 1-800-371-5189 for a ballot and voting instructions. 

Voting ends March 21st all votes need to be received by 5pm

CLICK HERE for more info about "We Care 2", our application, and to read comments of support for CHCV.

Tomatoes gleaned from Cate Farm

Tomatoes gleaned from Cate Farm

Voting for CHCV will allow them to continue the amazing work they do that touches and enriches so many lives in our community.
— Elyse Gluck, Chef at the Family Center of Washington County
My wife and I are financial supporters and gleaning volunteers to this invaluable organization. CHCV really has it all together from the gleaning to the onsite delivery. I can’t more highly recommend them.
— Scott Hess

Please ask your friends and family to vote for CHCV too. 

The more votes we get the more funding we will receive.

Please use your one vote to support CHCV!

Community Harvest of Central Vermont

Allison C. Levin, Founder and Director  - 146 Lord Road, Berlin VT 05602 -  802-229-4281